NC protests against repression, protest outside CM’s residence

National Conference functionaries, legislators and activists on Wednesday held a protest demonstration outside Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti’s residence at Gupkar and demanded an immediate end to mass repression and indiscriminate arrests while decrying the Government’s vengeance against employees.
The protest demonstration was led by NC General Secretary Ali Mohammad Sagar, Additional General Secretary Dr. Sheikh Mustafa Kamal and Provincial President Nasir Aslam Wani besides legislators, Former Ministers, Former Members of Parliament and Former Legislators as well as senior functionaries of the party.
Hundreds of party activists marched from National Conference Headquarters at Nawa-e-Subha Complex in Srinagar to the Chief Minister’s Gupkar Residence with placards expressing solidarity with families of slain youth, victimized civilians, employees and students. Speaking to reporters, National Conference General Secretary Ali Mohammad Sagar said the motive of the protest was to wake up the Chief Minister from her deep
slumber despite the current unrest going past hundred days. The NC General Secretary and Former Minister said the party stood in solidarity with the people of the State and would not allow the PDP-BJP alliance to wreak havoc on account of its opportunism and insensitivity.
“Despite nearly a hundred youth being killed and hundreds more maimed and blinded, the Chief Minister is still accusing the killed for getting killed and the blinded for questioning the injustice meted out to them. This Government has not even shown the bare minimum shame in acknowledging its utter and complete failure and has stooped to the level of brazenly defending the use of pellet guns in the court of law. The Chief Minister has left no opportunity to humiliate and denigrate the victims of the unrest by questioning their motives and attacking their intentions”, the NC General Secretary said while talking to members of the media fraternity.
The NC General Secretary condemned the State Government’s negative, punitive and retributive approach towards government employees and sought the immediate reinstatement of terminated and suspended employees. “Our employees form the backbone of our administrative system and they have given this State their blood and sweat in the most trying circumstances. The PDP-BJP Government’s decision to orchestrate an all-out assault against government employees through all possible judicial and extra-judicial means is extremely tragic and highly condemnable. We demand the terminated and suspended employees should be reinstated without any further delay”, Ali Mohammad Sagar added.
Condemning the Government’s egoistical and churlish attitude towards the sensitive issue of deferring board examinations, the NC General Secretary said the Government should shelf its ego and show empathy towards our students who are victims of uncertainty and turmoil. “The Government should defer the examinations without any delay and stop tormenting the students. If the examinations are held in March – the students will get a chance to complete their syllabi and be better prepared to sit for professional entrance examinations as well. The Education Minister’s refusal to pay heed to the agony of students and their parents is extremely shameful”, the NC General Secretary further added.
Demanding an end to the political stalemate in the State, the NC General Secretary said New Delhi should initiate a dialogue with stakeholders of all opinions in the State without any further delay. “The Central Government’s refusal to deal with this situation politically has worsened the situation and added to the anger and alienation on the ground. PDP and BJP had promised a ‘Battle of Ideas’ to achieve stability and peace in the State and on the contrary their approach has been completely retributive and vengeful. The State Government and PDP are both obligated to ensure New Delhi engages with Hurriyat leaders and other stakeholders to find a lasting solution to the lingering political issue. The current policy of indiscriminate arrests, mass repression and arrogance is condemndable and counter-productive”, the NC General Secretary said.

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