NCSU stages protests against anti-youth policies of coalition government

National Conference Students Union on Tuesday assailed the attempts of discord being sowed among younger people in a bid to polarize the situation in Jammu and Kashmir for petty politics.

“PDP and BJP are pursuing a definite agenda to divide the people on the basis of region and religion”, Iftikhar Chowdhry President of the NCSU Jammu said while addressing a rally before taking out a protest march from University of Jammu to Bikram Chowk and back.

Chowdhry said that the forward looking, progressive and secular youngsters of the state will not allow such machinations to succeed and fight elements inimical to unity and tranquility. In this context, he referred to unfortunate incidents taking place at NIT Srinagar and Rajouri and blamed the government for wrong handling.  The NCSU President also expressed grave concern over growing unemployment, saying the government has no policy to tackle this problem. He referred to ill-conceived and anti-youth job policy of the coalition, which he said spoke volumes  about the sincerity of the insensitive government in solving problems faced to young people of the state.

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