NEET laudable

Dear Editor,
The steps being taken by the Supreme Court and the Government for a single uniform medical entrance exam, NEET, in the coming years, also to end the culture of donation and corruption, are
While this will ensure fairness in candidate selection, it will also put immense pressure on most candidates as the fate of their at least two-year-long preparation to earn a seat that year would depend on a single exam. It’s like putting all one’s eggs in one basket.
The solution to this could be a standardised, score-based test like the SAT or GRE in the U.S. which can be taken more than once to improve one’s score throughout the year and on selected dates.
This will take the unwarranted pressure off children especially in these times of high stress levels and anxiety among aspirants.
Sunaina Sharma
Trikuta Nagar, Jammu

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