Negligent JMC, traffic police allow billboards on roadsides

Vishal Sharma

Jammu, May 26: Regardless of road safety of commuters, both the Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) and Traffic Police Jammu have given green signal to the installation of big advertisement billboards on road side at various sites in Jammu.

These heavy billboards can be seen easily on road sides which have been installed without considering about the safety of the commuters as these hoardings could replicate the incident which took place in Hyderabad and Noida this month. Also these billboards are violating the road safety norms as they are adding to the visual pollution in the city and could divert the attention of the drivers leading to increase in road accidents.

Relevant to mention here that the JMC has allotted advertisement tenders to the two national advertisement companies namely Bright Outdoors Pvt. Ltd and Supre advertisement that are installing billboards on road sides without considering about the safety of masses.

Also the weight of these billboards is the matter of grave concern as they are being installed with heavy metallic structure and that’s too on the edges and if they ever fall, could lead to a tragedy.

While contrary to this the both JMC authorities and traffic police are advocating the advertisement agencies by saying that the billboards installed by both the companies are smaller in size besides lighter in weight also and both the companies are known for their work nationally.

Joint Commissioner JMC, R. S. Jamwal when contacted said that the billboards are being installed after proper survey and taking No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the traffic police whose prime concern is to ensure road safety.Though, he added that if there would be any problem or objection by any authority they will be removed as road safety is the prime concern not the advertisement.

When contacted Inspector General (IG) Police Traffic Jammu Viplav Kumar, he said that he was out of the state for a special course and is not having much information about the said installation. He further said that lighter and small size installations are allowed on road side but he will personally review the sites where these billboards have been installed.


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