New Govt Business Rules, a mockery of democracy: Harsh

Describing the new govt business rules notified by the central govt as repulsively bizarre, Harsh Dev Singh Chairman JKNPP and former minister observed that the said notification seemed to be a move on the part of BJP led govt at the centre to undermine the authority of J&K legislature. The new rules which provide for the allocation of powers and govt business between the legislators of J&K, Lt Governor and the union govt would almost make the elected representatives redundant by snatching majority of the powers which are conferred upon them in a regular state.

While the majority of the powers of the council of ministers have also been transferred to the Lt Governor, the centre too would wield huge influence over the administration as well as the day to day functioning of the J&K govt. It was on Aug 5, 2019, that the BJP govt demoted the state into UT. And one year down the line, it has withdrawn the powers of the proposed legislature as well as executive thereby completing the process of a mockery of democracy in J&K, said, Singh.

“Democracy is considered to be the best form of govt the world over. This is because of the fact that people decide who is to rule and govern the affairs of the state or the nation. And it is our constitution which assures conferment of requisite powers upon the public representatives in the ultimate interests of the subjects who elected them.

The constitution provides them powers in view of their responsibility and accountability to their people. The withdrawal of such powers from elected representatives and bestowing them upon outside bureaucrats would not only be opposed to the concept of democracy but would fail to serve the larger interests of the common masses who hardly have any access to unelected rulers.

This would in effect operate as the disempowerment of the people in the long run. It is bizarre that under the new rules, the chief minister of J&K would not have the powers to transfer even a constable of the police force. Not only that the Lt Governor can veto any decision of legislature even if passed unanimously in the assembly. An assault on the very soul of democracy”, rued Singh.