New Year special: Quick tips to remove party make-up naturally

Everyone wants to grab attention and look their best especially on the New Year’s Eve. Perfect radiance tops the wish list of every woman in a party. While make-up does adds to one’s beauty, but removing it after coming back home is a task. Also, the chemicals in cosmetics wreck havoc on your skin.


Honey is an excellent moisturiser for skin as it is a natural antibacterial, making it great for acne treatment after make-up removal.

Olive Oil

Olive oil works wonders when it comes to banishing dry skin troubles after one removes make-up. The liquid gold contains linoleic acid which helps block the moisture of the skin.

Rose water

Rose water is really good for the skin as it removes skin clogs, blackheads and reduces stickiness on face as it acts as a natural astringent, thereby protecting skin pores from cosmetics.


It is one of the best formulas to get that instant glow. Take a spoonful of almond oil and mix at least half cup of fresh milk in it. Now, apply this beauty mask on your face and see the amazing results.

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