Newspoint’s series study on Hospitals attract attention of Civil Society

The series study report carried by the Newspoint regarding ailing health system has attracted the attention of civil society, including doctors, administrators, professors and many others, who impressed by the reporting suggested ways to tackle prevailing system.
The reactions reached to the official mail of the Newspaper, besides many were discussed in the official Whatsapp group of the newspaper.
In a suggestion, Nigam Gupta writes, “Rules and norms; to be framed otherwise needed to be well implemented by authorities. See, when things have been followed at Hospitals of metro cities claiming as standardise corporate culture, why? Not at Jammu. Sir; we need to identify the gaps in order to make things probable here.”
“Last but not least; budgets and provisions for improvements of certain regulatory services like Securities, House-keeping, Hospital Sanitation etc. Ought to make additionally allocated,” suggests Nigam Gupta.
Dr Depak in Whatsapp group says, “Every problem has a solution provided the right intentions and right input and right kind of people are given the job to implement. HR policies need to be redefined…Govt should act proactively rather then just covering up and run these institutions on day to day basis.”
“There is no dearth of money if properly used and rational allocations, keeping in view AMCs and future requirements are taken into considerations for equipments, lifts and other things,” he writes.
Reacting to the comment of Deepak, Dr Harjit says, “Hospitals acquired infections can be prevented if staff and attendants adhere to the IMEP I.e. Infection Management Environment Protection protocols strictly.”
“Dr Deepak rightly said there is no dearth of money as GOI is funding through NHM for this endeavour. But only thing money can not change is mindset and behaviour of people.
The corporate hospitals charge the money at reception only and moment we pay immediately start following the protocols and footfall is also limited as compared to Govt Hospitals.”
“The example of cleanliness in Delhi Metro is adoption of strict rules and adequate manpower and security devices i.e. CCTVs deployed for the purpose. Same crowed in the other Railway station is seen littering. We have a very casual approach when we are entering a govt hospital even if security guard is not allowing entry of attendants we start fighting but same at a corporate hospital never dares. Solution for this is inculcating self discipline for the public as well as the staff. Our staff also requires good capacity building for keeping the hospitals infection free.”
“In Jammu Govt Gandhi Nagar Hospital is selected for making it a model District Hospital …we are hopeful to see this soon…..This platform is the best place to get suggestions and solutions to provide the best of health care to our people,” he writes. Simita, writes “There can be no solution to any problem unless we change our attitude and decide in our favour. We have set prejudices and mind sets . We go psychologically prepared that in pvt hospital administration is strict and we can’t enter in hoards and during discussion we praise these hospitals. In govt institutions we lead a free for all condition. We don’t want to be cowed down by thefact that in such conditions we risk life of our patient as well as our own . We see a clean hospital in pvt sector and look for dustbin to throw our litter but in govt hospital we push it under the patients bed . How can we blame hospital alonr to bring change when we are not ready to change ourselves. This mentality is visible in our every action be it govt or private property in how we treat it. While going out today notice it consciously in ourselves.”
Dr Gaurav Vaid says, “I’m so happy to read this report, at least this issue has been highlighted by the Accredited Journalist and people will get awarded of the actual facts and figures regarding prevailing health sector of City of Temples and Ill fated state of Jammu & Kashmir. (Though the conditions are much much better in Valley as per health sector is concerned.) Well, it’s a debatable issue and Yes! if we need to get any change in the society, first we must change ourselves. Our temperament should be the same whether it’s a Government Set Up or a Private. But where we are lacking?.
“The irony is lack of professionalism. The staff doesn’t feel responsibility. There is non commitment type of attitude. There is lack of interest,” he suggests.
He further writes, “Lot many questions are coming in the mind. Alas! Solutions are there but there is lack of Professionalism. We believe in Jaisa Chal Raha Hai Chalne Do. Hospital Acquired Infection is a biggest threat. We go to hospital to get treated for One Condition and we get infected with ten more. And it’s not only in Government Hospitals, private service providers are also least bothered. Norms are there, there is no proper check.”
“As per the attendants are concerned, why there is a need of them? I am highly constrained to note that we never gave any serious thought over it and you go to South India, there even in government hospitals, they don’t allow any attendant to be with patient. (My experience),” shares Dr Vaid.

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