Nexus of Private ambulances from Out of state in GMC Exposed

A complete nexuses of private ambulances from outside state has been exposed by the team of JK newspoint outside GMC, Hospitals. Patients admitted in Government Medical College Hospital Jammu are lured in for commutation every night by some of the greedy ambulance operators who convince them to shift to some other hospital outside the State for better patient care services.

After obtaining the nod from the vulnerable patients’ attendants, on constant persuasion, these ‘commute by night’ operators park their ambulances in the hospital premises to shift the patients.
Evidently , an alleged section of hospital staff is acting as a facilitator and promotes early shifting of seriously ill patients to some private hospitals located in the neighbouring states. It is important to note that racket of such a scale cannot operate without the aid of the insiders.
After completing necessary paper work, these ambulances remain parked outside the Emergency Block of the hospital and shift the patients from inside the ward for overnight journeys to different locations of the country. Rememeber, most of these ambulances have a licence plates of Punjab, Chandigarh and Haryana, NCR etc.
Majority of patients in need of orthopedic treatment and other such urgent medical assistance and routine surgeries are picked up by these touts as there is no risk involved.

In case of some seriously ill patients even these touts avoid shifting them to avert any mishap during long distance travel but don’t miss out any case if less risk risk involved.

These ambulances not only charge hefty rates from patients but also earn cut money from corporate hospitals for bringing more business for them.

Now question arises if GMC authorities claim to provide tight security arrangements, how ambulances with registration numbers of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and even Haryana, NCR region gain access in the hospital premises and get away easily with serious patients on board their ambulance.
Inside reports revealed that an organised network of touts is at work in the GMC and Associated Hospitals and they have been duping patients from remote areas of the State in lieu of providing them better treatment facilities.

Due to increasing rush of patients, a small percentage of them fall in the trap and end up wasting more money on routine treatment.

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