Nirjala Ekadashi celebrated with religious fervor

The people of Kathua celebrated ‘Nirjala Ekadashi’ a Hindu festival dedicated to lord Vishnu with religious fervor and gaiety.
As the day advanced, devotees organised “Shabeels” in city, offering sweet cold water and refreshment to the people give them some respite from the prevailing sweltering heat. Having a cold glass of water, in market with mercury hovering near 43 degree Celsius provided much relief to the people.
In many parts of the city as well as on its outskirt temples, the devotees organized religious functions in which devotees congregate to offer prayers to God almighty and sing devotional songs, chant mantras and hymns.
The people at stalls offering sweet water to the passengers, pedestrians and other motorists presented a common scene throughout the district.
These water feasts were organised almost at every crossing, bus stop and streets in the city and its surroundings by various religious, social and business organizations as well as individuals.
Pandit Ashwani Sharma recalling the importance of festival said, “On this day married daughters were also given gifts like dresses, money and utensils-usually water coolers (campers), while some also give gold items as per their economic status”.
On this day, the local or ancestral priests also visit to homes of devotees to collect the largesse as per tradition, though this culture has vanished to great extend but still in villages’ it prevails to some extent.

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