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In a nutshell – NITI Aayog is more like India’s next version of operating system! A set of new features, a set of new faces, a set of new approaches – all bound together with one motive – ‘India Must Grow’. Having said that, it is important to say that NITI Aayog is in essence, more than a facial makeover of the long prevalent Planning Commission.

With Planning Commission being renamed as National Institution for Transforming India Aayog or NITI Aayog, the core objective of the body remains the same but the whole approach towards achieving the core objective changes. The makeover of Planning Commission, which is modeled on China’s National Development and Reform Commission was result of the observations which included that                  planning commission worked with a model of “One Size for All”, it never factored in the diversified growth pattern seen in different Indian states and union territories and above all, it never considered that world economy changes rapidly and hence, objectives set for future should change.

In this type of economy on public enterprises exist with no provision for private ventures. Everything from resources, to production to production centers and distribution channels are all under the control of the central power under the Command Economy format. Command Economy eliminates competition and efficiency is reduced dramatically. On top of that, things get worse when the distribution channels of the central power works inefficiently.

Since all these models used by Planning Commission were obsolete or irrelevant in India’s context, the country felt a pressing need for an alternative mechanism for growth and development. This is where NITI Aayog was formed which will take a diametrically opposite approach to economic growth.

Over decades, specialists and citizens alike have debated that Nehru’s socialist approach for growth and Congress Party’s continued neglect of people’s voice has pushed India back by at least 50 years instead of pushing her forward on economic growth. This has changed now with NITI Aayog’s new approach.



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