NMC expresses concern over delay in implementation 7th pay commission

President of the National Mazdoor Conference (NMC) Subash Shastri today expressed deep concern over the continuance delay over non  issuance of notification  regarding the  implementation of the 7th pay commission recommendations till today. In a memorandum sent to Prime Minister, Shastri appealed Narendra Modi to immediately arrange to issue the said notification after reviews by empowered committee under expenditure secretary. Shastri stressed upon removal of ambiguity in this case as the issue is causing lot hardships for salaried class and pensioners also. “It is a cause of concern that delay in submitting its report  by the committee is creating doubt in the minds of crores of employees both centre/state governments as the  recommendations of the 7th pay commission  was to be implemented with effect from January 1,2016 ,he added. He urged Modi to liberally fiancé the state governments as well  so that the pay commission  recommendations are implemented simultaneously by the centre as well as states. He also stressed upon the need to issue notification  regarding the amount of wages  of daily rated workers at national  level  to be raised ten thousand per month  as has  already been principal agreed  by the centre Govt.

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