‘No calls please’, BJP Ministers hire PA’s to handle phone

Nagender Jamwal

In a very ‘unpopular’ trend followed by BJP ministers in Jammu and Kashmir, special Personal Assistants are being hired by almost most of the leaders to handle phone calls, even media is being dodged and misled by these personal assistants.

“What to talk about aggrieved people, these ministers even do not attend media persons, who had played prime role in victory of these leaders,” said senior media person-Dinesh, adding the leaders must understand that without media they have no existence.

“This is unfortunate that these BJP leaders are ignoring media, despite the fact that media has made them victorious,” he said and added that some days back he was calling to some minister for official quote and after asking the entire question, he came to know that the person, assumed to be minister, was his PA.

“I disclosed many important things to the person on the other side, who initially agreed to be a minister, but when I asked for his response, he utterly hung up the call and on repeated call he said he is PA of the minister, who is busy,” said journalist, “I, although rebuked the assistant and asked him to convey message to the minister that the statement from his PA will be published as it is.”

Similarly another journalist-Vishal said that the BJP leaders are turning ‘arrogant’, they take media persons forgranted.

“If we compare media handling of coalition partners, PDP in Kashmir gives proper respect to the media and no minister dares to dodge call from media what so ever, but here BJP ministers consider media as daily wager for their disposal,” said Vishal, adding due to this reason BJP leaders will have to face its repercussions after end of this term.

He said media has made these leaders and media holds power to break them.

“If Kashmir centric parties respect and accommodate media persons, why do not Jammu based leaders remember media only on certain occasions,” he questioned.

When tried to contact BJP spokesperson- Prof Virender Gupta, he was unavailable for comments.

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