‘No helmet, No fuel’ campaign runs out of fuel

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Jammu Tawi, February 3


Kr. Balwant S Bhau 

Rules are made to be broken so as the scene of ‘No helmet, No fuel’ campaign launched by the state Traffic Police. The campaign was launched so as to make the headgear mandatory for two wheeler riders. Thousands of bucks were spent on the banners to make the folks sentient. At few places there were clashes between people and the fuel station staff and the campaign is itself running out of fuel at the ground level.

The road accidents in the region have also taken up a rise over the past few years. The tactics of the campaign targeted to lower the rate of accidents too. The campaign is already initiated in many areas of the nation. It lacked the support of the Police in the region.

No helmet, no fuel initiative has come to a cropper also as most of the petrol bunks refused to implement the order. Both the motorcyclists and pump operators dismissed this as just a notice and continue to fill fuel without headgear and often riding triple. No cop intervention was visible and in petrol bunks, these youth got their fuel hassle free.

Pump operators adding to this under the chairmanship of President Aanan Sharma, stated that they had a meet with the SSP Traffic. Pump operators say unless police could enforce it strictly and make sure that all pumps comply with the order; this directive will not get the desired result.

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