No incentive to Basmati growers

R S Pura town is famous for producing fine variety of Basmati rice. Due to its taste and commercial yield, the farmers of almost all plain areas particularly on International Border of Jammu, Samba and Kathua are cultivating Basmati crops. It has now become practice on the part of farmers to cultivate maximum Basmati with a hope to get good profit.But unfortunately the farmers growing Basmati are getting low prices comparison to the expenditure incurred by them for last two years.
As predicted by Metrological Department, Monsoon rainfall is very fine and favorable for Kharief crops in this year. So keeping in view of good rainfall, there is hope of bumper paddy crops. The farmers are worrying of not getting reasonable price of their products.
At present the farmers are spending rupees 10,000/- to rupees 12,000/- per acre. This expenditure includes cost of ploughing, purchase of fertilizers, chemicals, transplantation and harvesting.
Every time when paddy crops start coming in the market then its cost is fixed very less by the dealer concerned.
On the other hand, a farmer is forced to sell his farm produce at the initial stage due to various compulsions like shortage of space at his house and to meet other expenditure.
Due to that very reason, some times the farmers are deceived by the dealers as well as middlemen and prices are hiked later on and whole profit goes to the pocket of middlemen rather than to the growers.
Regrettably, no successive state govt has come to the rescue of Basmati grower farmers as a result they are continue to suffer and victim of agents. The policy and programme of the govt are not farmer friendly. The farmers suffer great loss due to not getting reasonable price.
Some times rates of Basmati are either not enhanced or enhanced very late and they deprived from the benefit. According to a farmer, they may opt for other verities of rice if they continue to suffer loss and not get good profit by cultivating Basmati crops.There is also a Basmati Grower Association for the rescue of farmers but so far this association has not done anything and its role is nominal.
The representatives of this association instead of getting anything done from the govt just pose for photo before media persons and give press statement only and their role is just cosmetic.
The state govt should approach with central govt to contact with foreign countries for export of Basmati so that the farmers do not suffer losses and get good profit with sale of Basmati.
The Basmati rice of RS Pura are not only famous in India but in whole world.
Almost all tourists visiting J&K state wish to enjoy dish of Basmati rice with Rajmash at any hotels at Katra, Kashmir Valley or any other tourist resort. The farmers need to give incentive to promote Basmati.
They have high expectation from PDP-BJP coalition govt led by CM Mehbooba Mufti to bail them out before the paddy crops start reaching at the market.

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