No mid-term transfers of teaching staff: Naeem Akthar

Minister for Education, Naeem Akhtar, replying to a question of Ashok Khajuria, today informed the House that there shall be no mid-term transfers of teaching staff in government schools in order to maintain constancy during academic sessions.
Giving brief of schedule of transfers for teaching staff, the Minister informed that, in summer zone, it shall be June 1 to July 1 and in winter zone from January 1 to February 28. He said the tenure of stay in a government school for teaching staff is two years and maximum three years and in zone III it is of one year. Naeem Akhtar informed that special consideration has been given to female teaching staff for inter cadre transfers on marriage grounds. He further said that to the extent possible, married female officials with young children, widows and divorcee female officials would be posted at such a place, where from they can return to their homes after performing duty.

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