No superiority complex please…

Terming the cabinet of PDP- BJP as incompetent and illeterate, former chief minister Omar Abdullah not only created fiasco in the state assembly, but also challenged integrity of the PDP leadership. Omar Abdullah though being senior in the state assembly had no moral right to demean new faces in the house.
The day Omar Abdullah criticised PDP-BJP government of being incompetent, PDP legislator Abdul Rehman Veeri took it as insult to the house. Indeed he was right with his reaction, as no one is superior and inferior in the house and all are elected by the people and thus hold equal significance in the house.
Moreover, Omar Abdullah was not only arrogant in his speech on controversial land bill but was also critical to the government. He irrespective of castigating the Bill, mocked the state government of being a herd of illeterates and incompetent faces.
He categorically challenged the integrity of ministers in the house.
This approach of such a senior leader is not to be appreciated as it has demeaned the sanctity of the house.
Omar overtly stated that this house comprises of people who had represented the state in the Indian parliament. Though he was right, but it is not necessary that same people rule the roost every time.
The change is necessary and is inadvertent, so the tall leaders must introspect that during the early days of their politics they were also amateur in the house and after gaining experience they evolved to this stature.
No doubt the new cabinet commit mistakes, as they say, you will learn from mistakes.
The mistakes of this government vindicated that at least they are trying to bring change and to steer this state out of stagnation.
One needs to understand that Omar Abdullah was playing a role of healthy opposition but challenging competence and integrity of ministers does not come in the forum, which is meant to discuss important public issues.
From the body language of the former chief minister it was evident that he had superiority complex and this cabinet, according to him, is waste of resources and public mandate.
The Omar Abdullah was speaking on the land bill, which was opposed by the lawmakers of BJP.

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