None dares touch overnight rich storekeepers, ADs of CAPD

Having promised transparency, Minister for Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution (CAPD) Zulfikar Choudhary is yet to initiate action against Crorepati officers of his department.

Some have turned overnight rich while others have bought palatial bungalows in Jammu and Haryana. An official source told Newspoint Bureau that these officers have FIRs registered against them yet the department especially Director CAPD G.S.Chib who has ensured that these super-rich go unscathed. He added that if they were enjoying prize postings during NC-Congress regime, they have managed not only to stay on these choice postings but ensure that they have unrestricted access to every top official of CAPD.

According to details available with Newspoint Bureau, these super-rich Crorepati officials include officers from the lowest ranking storekeeper to highest ranking Deputy Director and Joint Director. Such is mess in the department that none has ever bothered to got the wealth of its officials assessed, said an official.

Referring to a case, an official source said that four officials including an Assistant Director ran a racket, through which they would sell kerosene oil and other consumable items meant for ration card holders to shopkeepers and retailers. They added that the said AD has made huge assets despite the fact he has no such strong background.

Documents available with Newspoint Bureau reveal that this Assistant Director with the help of these non-gazetted employees and dealers has been allegedly running a black    marketing racket in CAPD. He was transferred several times but from ex-CAPD minister Choudhary Mohammed Ramzan to present minister Choudhary Zulfikar, none has had the will to take on this corrupt official and show him the door.

Interestingly, he is the only officer in the CAPD who has not served for more than a year outside his parent district, said the sources. They added that other four employees who worked in league with this Assistant Director have also been working in CAPD since the last more than 5 years. One of these four employees was appointed as Peon in the CAPD and has been working at this position since then.

He has not been shifted even once since the day of his appointment. Sources refer to him as one of the main accused in the scam. The RTI crusader claims that his applications were stone walled and every effort was made to mislead him. According to him, he was not provided information sought by him and whatever was presented before him was nothing but time buying exercise.

Instead, he maintains that factually wrong information was supplied to him. According to the RTI activist, the Assistant Director ensures that work of office like furnishing, lying of tiles; electric fitting is given to his contractor brother. He maintains that if State Vigilance Commission (SVC) takes cognizance of this report and initiates inquiry against this Crorepati AD, more skeletons are likely to tumble out of this officer’s cupboard.

The activist who requested not to be named said that the AD has purchased one house at Baba Jeevan Shah Street near Shaheedi Chowk Jammu. Cost of this house assessed by us is around Rs. 75 Lakh. He purchased this house in the year 2003. He also has property in Srinagar valuing around Rs. 2.50 Crore besides having recently bought a flat in Noida.

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