North Korea hacks South Korea’s hi-tech cyber command

Seoul, December 7
In what could lead to further escalation of tensions between the two warring neighbours, the South Korean military has claimed that its cyber command has been breached by North Korea.
“It seems the intranet server of the cyber command has been contaminated with malware. We found that some military documents, including confidential information, have been hacked,” South Korea’s Ministry of National Defence told Yonhap News Agency. While North Korea has been often accused in the past of carrying out cyber-attacks on South’s banks, phones of top government officials but the hackers have never managed to break into military data. Interestingly, South Korea had set up the cyber command in 2010 to prevent and counter cyber attacks on its military. Reports that it is not yet fully clear the type of documents and files that were accessed by the hackers. Quoting the South Korean military, the BBC added that the compromised section of its network was isolated once the attack was detected. North Korea has in the past denied being involved in cyber attacks on Seoul but reports have suggested all along that Pyongyang has deployed thousands of experts to break into South Korean security systems. North Korean defector and computer science professor Kim Heung-Kwang as saying that his native country has been focusing on application programming interfaces (APIs), which can be programmed to attack national infrastructures, since 2010.

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