‘Not Any Arrest, Intolerance, Debate or Serious Statement’

Serious Study Report, by:
Harbans S Nagokay.

A t one side, TMC’s National spokesperson Mr. Derek O’ Brien from Kolkata communicated that Harvard Universityis keen on inviting West Bengal’s Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to hear about her experiences of the Singur anti-land acquisition movement and other aspects of the socio-political struggle. And, on other side one after other, above 26 Government schools had been set on fire by the so-called unidentified people in Kashmir, during the last about 45 days.
With no clues on reasons behind these fire-incidents else with not at all arrest so far, the efforts to reopen schools have failed as both government and separatist groups are accusing each other of playing politics over education. The separatists have been saying that children are not safe outside homes because most of the people killed and injured during recent unrests. Opposition leader and former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah called for “strictest punishment” for the people behind the incidents and blamed both the government and separatist for “failing to speak up and act in time” to prevent such incidents.
According to official reports, more than 12 lakh students are unable to go to school for the last four months in Kashmir as the education has become a new flashpoint during current unrest. However, the harsh conditions in Border Villages of Jammu& Kashmir, otherwise exaggerated the education system and studies of school going students.
All such deeds-&-doings, now started sounding as a touch akin to conspiracy else a well-planned act of vandalism that requires an immediate serious attention of all intellectuals’ and agencies.
The new dangerous part of this treachery is that ‘not a single person or group has been identified else taken responsibility’ for these attempts of disordering the education system.
However, in the month July only, Panun Kashmir leaders already called upon the union Government to must recognise about the ‘fundamentalist-upsurge’ in Kashmir valley and that time urged upon for immediate steps tp prevent the region from becoming “ISLAMIST-CONTROLLED-TERRITORY” like Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan those became serious victims of Global Jihad.
Then again, CM Mehbooba Mufti; while greeting people on Diwali festival, once again resounding about strong hopes for return of peace in Jammu & Kashmir.
All the unlike! Pakistani Police launched a nation-wide crackdown overnight, arresting at least 1,500 supporters of cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan ahead of an opposition rally planned later this week in Islamabad, according to reports on Monday. The arrests followed intermittent clashes since the weekend between Khan’s supporters and riot police in the capital that saw police using tear gas and batons to fight stone-throwing activists. The violence erupted again on Sunday near Khan’s suburban home and at several places on Islamabad’s outskirts. A Pakistani court barred Khan’s followers from demonstrating on Islamabad streets, restricting the rally to within the limits of a city park, said government prosecutor SaddiqueAwan. As of last week, the government has already enforced a two-month ban on street rallies in the capital. Regrettably, mislead by few, a section of Kashmiri people still
demanding AZADI (Independence) by way of openly writing & raising anti-India slogans from a peace loving nation where any such ban never been imposed upon. Being permitted otherwise, brainless privileged like Yasin Malik, likening the mindless Kashmir movement with Palestinian Intifada Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front, Muhammad Yasin Malik, also said that unity among pro-freedom leadership forged after the killing of HizbulMujahideen Commander BurhanMuzaffarWani will continue and there are no differences on basic issue. He said the on-going uprising has once again attracted global attention towards Kashmir and New Delhi has been shaken by steadfastness and resolve of people.
Well; voices now started coming-out from civil societies of both Jammu as well as Kashmir region saying that the time has come when our Government need to identify these rabble-rousing anti nationalists and get them punished permanently in the larger interests of our nations integrity.
At the end, The Jammu and Kashmir High Court on Monday also took suo-moto cognisance of schools being burnt in the valley and directed the authorities of all concerned districts to take all preventive and protective measures for school buildings from unknown enemies of education.

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