Not even a single action sequence in Keshava was choreographed: Nikhil

It’s been a little over a couple of weeks since Nikhil completed shooting for Keshava, but the actor can’t seem to let go of the beard he sported for the film. “Director Sudheer wanted me to grow a beard for the role and I immediately said yes. The beard gave an intensity and maturity to my look. I have had it for the last six months now and have gotten quite attached to it. Besides, I’m enjoying all the attention I’m getting from everyone,” says Nikhil smiling.
The actor reckons that the gritty action sequences in the film will come a revelation for the audiences.
“The protagonist Keshav suffers from a heart disease, which makes him susceptible to any kind of stress. He cannot exactly land punches and kicks that can send the bad guys flying all over the place. So the action episodes in Keshava needed to be very real and intelligent to be believable,” explains the actor.
Apparently, none of the stunts in the film were choreographed. “In real life, when people fight, you don’t see any gravity defying acrobatics, all they do is push, punch or grapple with each other. That is how the stunts are in the film.
Even though we had action masters on the sets, not even a single action sequence was choreographed, so to speak of,” says the actor adding, “In fact for one scene, one of the villains actually hit me on my head with a telephone and I was like stop… stop… stop… In another scene, I got so involved that I held Raja Ravindra’s neck so hard that he almost choked. I was also left with scratch marks on my body, after few fight sequences. It was risky and took time, but was worth the effort.”
That’s not all. To keep the character as real as possible, the filmmakers ensured that Nikhil’s costumes in the movie were bought from the streets.
“You’ll see me wearing clothes that were bought from small shops from the streets of Rajahmundry and Kakinada,” says Nikhil adding, “One day when I came wearing my branded shoes on the sets, Sudheer took them away and made me wear his assistant director’s old shoes. My new shoes were gone,” (laughs) he says signing off.
Keshava, produced by Abhishek Nama on Abhishek Pictures, releases today.

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