Now affidavits to exhibit loyalty

Dear Editor,
It refers to Congress MLAs of West Bengal assembly made/forced to sign pre-typed affidavits on 100-rupees stamp-papers affirming their loyalty not only to the party headed by dynastic-family of Sonia Gandhi but also to party Vice President Rahul Gandhi who is considered to be next dynastic Chief of India’s oldest political party.
Can such affidavits contrary to even all legal provisions prevent fast vanishing of the party? What happens if some MLA/s do not adhere to affidavit/s signed by them? Such insensible tactics tend to result in further fall of people’s support to Congress. It is even more surprising that experienced party-President and next in line in the party do not prevent such happenings in the party which can even be a game-plan of some ones in the party aimed at decline of the old grand political party. Of course India does need at least two or three strong national parties, and as such fast-decreasing mass-base of Congress party is even not in national interest. It will be better if dynastic family finds some really sincere persons who may be loyal to the party rather than being simply loyal to the controlling family.
Madhu Aggarwal
1775 Kucha Lattushah
Dariba, Chandni Chowk
New Delhi-110006 (India)

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