Now lemon and salt can help you get rid of migraine pain

March 6: Migraine pain is one of the most annoying and persistent type of pain that one can experience. This deadly pain starts with a mere headache and what follows cannot be explained in words. Vision problems and throbbing sensation are the usual things that come with it and make your life tougher.

Most of us immediately go for medicines especially painkillers for getting rid of it. But we are not aware that a simple alternative method can help you get away with it in minutes.

A beverage made with salt and lemon can help you get away with this excruciating pain in just a couple of minutes. In a glass filled with water, squeeze a clean lemon and make sure to remove the seeds. Mix 2 teaspoons of salt and stir well. Drink the beverage and your pain will fade away.

So, the next time you experience anything like this, just try this simple technique.

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