Now Nanak Nagar Shiv Temple vandalised; Shops closed down

 In another case of desecration within two days, a drunk man entered the Nanak Nagar Shiv Temple Premises near Shivaji Cowk and allegedly repeated the actions recorded in the CCTV footage at Aap Shambhu Temple.

Mobile Internet to be shut down again after Nanak Nagar Temple desecration

A suspect in full view of women who were performing prayers at the temple entered the premises talking on the phone and allegedly kicked around and threw objects of religious relevance.

According to eye witnesses, a man entered in intoxicated state inside Shiv Temple around 4: 30 pm and was talking loudly on the phone when he entered.

An elderly lady who got into an argument with the accused told  “He was infact screaming at someone asking for money. He did not take off his footwear and entered the temple praying area. He then started vandalising the place and when the women here (in the temple) started screaming he started abusing us back. I called the police right away but he had left till that time.”

Ankush Gupta who apprehended the man spoke  as to how no one in the whole market turned to stop the man.

“I was coming to the temple on my two-wheeler when I saw this man screaming on the phone and entering the temple with footwear on. He started desecrating the place right in front of my eyes and I ran after him. He smashed the glass panel inside the temple while going out in an attempt to break it but that didnt work.”

Gupta further added, “I chased him and he ran to the chowk for some 200 metres where I managed to catch hold of him. Everyone in the market saw what the man had done but no one tries stopping him.”

The police reached the spot in no time and arrested the accused. An FIR has been registered under the relevant sections at the Gandhi Nagar police station.

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