NPP has capacity to restore dignity of Dogras: Harsh Dev

While appealing the people to strengthen and support Panthers Party, NPP chairman and former Minister Harsh Dev Singh today said that it was high time that Dogras identified and acknowledged the services of those who were actually championing the cause of Jammu.

Addressing public meeting in Basantgarh area, Singh said that political opportunism of various parties was amply evident from the mad race and desperation amongst them for forming the Govt by hook or crook but their evil designs were timely thwarted by the dissolution of the State Assembly.

The game of such political chameleons was over and the public should give them a befitting reply in the days to come, said Singh.
Singh further said that neither the national parties nor the Kashmir based parties were the solution for the ills afflicting Jammu region.

A regional party alone could meet the aspirations of Jammu and address the local issues of the public, he claimed adding that people were increasingly reposing their faith in Panthers Party and its leadership.
Accusing the BJP of having betrayed the collective sentiment of Dogras, Singh said that NPP was all prepared to provide a viable alter-native to the people of Jammu region.

Those who failed to honour their promise of holiday on September 23, birthday of Maharaja Hari Singh or even rake up the issue in cabinet meeting while in power, could no longer be trusted by the people, said Singh.
On the local issues, he regretted the inordinate delay in the construction of Basantgarh- Khaned Road and sought its completion at the earliest.

He further deplored the highly dilapidated condition of Ramnagar- Basantgarh Road and sought its early repair and up-gradation. Manju Singh, NPP general secretary also spoker on the occasion.

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