NST stages Sunday series play ‘Barf Ne Kaha’

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Jammu Tawi, April 23
Natrang Studio Theatre (NST) in its weekly Sunday Theatre Series staged ‘Barf Ne Kaha’, a play in Hindi. The play has been written by Sarweshwar Dayal Saxena and directed by Neeraj Kant.
The dialogues of the play were filled with meaning and depth which made the watching experience distinctive for the audience.
The action of the play happens in a hospital ward where a soldier is undergoing treatment for his wounds which he suffered during fierce war with the enemy. He was indeed the only soldier of his battalion who could survive and the foundation behind his survival is faith, positivety and hope.
His words seem to get merged between the aisles of conscious and sub-conscious mind, sometime even touching un-conscious mind. The conversation between the patient and nurse reveal myriad colors of life before the audience, most of them were dark.
At the threshold of life of death, swinging between different thoughts, the soldier dreams about what had happened with him while he was
protecting his post with the help of limited man-force and
insufficient ammunition.
Hopelessness, hopefulness and a huge gap between these two opposite spheres were efficiently presented in the play.
Natrang actors who acted in the play included Yash Manhas as ‘Patient’, Aman Kapoor as ‘Nurse’, Bhisham Gupta as ‘Doctor’ and Akshit Kaul. Another highlight of the play was its Sets which were innovatively designed by Brijesh Avtaar Sharma and Bhisham Gupta.
Music was operated by Brijesh Avtar Sharma and the lights were executed by Neeraj Kant. The show was coordinated by Sumeet Sharma and Mohd. Yaseen.

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