NSUI Demands Infrastructure for GDC Kilhotran Bhallessa

Today a massive and peaceful demonstration was started from GDC kilhotran to bus stand gowari in which Neeraj Kundan state president NSUI,Ankit Dedha incharge Nsui j&k, Feroz khan  national secretary NSUI, Udhay Singh national secretary NSUI,Mehran Anjum Mir state secretary NSUI along eithbcollege students participated.

Feroz khan make it clear  that present govt. Of BJP&PDP is playing with with the sentiments of the students.Feroz Khan demanded that govt.should take immediate action regarding the construction of college building.

On the ocassion Neeraj Kundan state president for NSUI addressed the students and assured them that NSUI will strive hard  for the college infrastructure and will take this demands into the consideration of the union govt. too so that children can enjoy the facilities of the college.

This procession which was led by state as well as national body of NSUI make it certain and assured the students that    if govt will not take immediate measures to fulfill the demands of students NSUI will take violent agitation against the present govt.

The NSUI body visited the college and saw the miserable conditions of the students and blamed the coalition partners for such unfair policies and treatment with the students.The NSUI body felt ashamed regarding the harsh policies of govt. With the students of bhallessa.

Other activists Of NSUI who were present there were Mubasher khan,Nasir Latief Batt,Rayees Majeed Batt,Mehboob Ahmed,Naeem Nazir, Anees Majeed Batt.

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