Nuisance created by stray animals

Dear Editor,
Through the column of your esteemed newspaper I want to draw the attention of the concerned authorities and the general public towards the sufferings of the residents of Satwari, due to the nuisance caused by the stray animals during day and night. The stray animals have become a great nuisance for the pedestrians as well as for the drivers of the vehicles. They cause frequent traffic jams and accidents.
One day somebody was riding a scooty. Suddenly, a stray dog appeared from nowhere just in the middle of the road. In spite of his best efforts to avoid the collision with the animal, he had a nasty accident resulting in a fracture his left leg. Such scenes have become the order of the day. Sometimes rows of stray cows and bulls block the road and cause traffic jams and accidents. Many complaints have been made to the concerned authorities but no action has been taken so far in this regard. We hope the concerned authorities will rise from their slumber and take immediate remedial measures to deal with this nuisance.
Sham Lal
Gangyal, Jammu

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