Nukkad play “Duniya Bani Bikhari” staged

Jammu Tawi, December 3
Lalded Women Welfare Society today staged a Nukkad play “Duniya Bani Bikhari” in its Saturday series.The play was written by Suraj Narayan and directed by Naveen Pal. Nukar Natak At the time when announced Rs 500, 1, 000 closed but Natu don’t know what happen he was coming from Srinagar to Jammu he had five thousand five hundred rupees in his pocket. When he arrived at Jammu, he hired an auto and paid him one thousand note but driver refused to take and demand small quantity notes of Rs 100 each. Natu visited several shops please give one hundred each in place of one thousand no body agree to pay. He went to hotel (Dhaba) eated dinner and paid Rs 500 old note, Dhaba owner also disagree to take old currency note and demanded Rs 100 notes. When he take Auto for home, Auto driver asked have you two hundred spare in your pocket then I can drop you at home. Hotel also refused for stay in room, He stay night at Branda in Bus stand. In morning he goes to Bank for replace the five hundred and one thousand rupees, But bank was closed, one beggar come to him he give him to hundred ten rupees each and told him you survive, tomorrow you give me I will wait. After three days, he paid to every those give free service as Dhaba, Tea, Bath, Beggar, Matador this problem was nothing so many people marriage date cancelled.
So many people had been lost their job, Life spoil, Death due to no get medical facility. Sale purchase problem in every field. These all problem faced poor people only not rich people, nor politically leaders nor sadhu of trust. The role played by Actors Naveen Pal, Suraj Narayan, Santosh Basotra and Arjun Singh also played the role with other artists of the group.

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