Nukkad play ‘Hathon ki Maihant’ staged

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Jammu Tawi, December 5
Social Economic Environment Development Society today staged a Nukkad play ‘Hathon ki Maihnat’ at border village Jhang, district Samba. The play was written and directed by Rampaul Dogra a noted writer and social activist. The story was based on a labourer namely Anchal who gets up early in the morning and used to go in search of daily work with other labourers. One day when he was working at his work place he found his owner in state of tension. He inquired about his upset and owner asked him that he is ready to give extra money if you people will work with your most care for construction of house honestly, that will save my money and time. Anchal being head of labourer took the suggestion seriously and told all his labourers that wastage be avoided at all costs as that is direct loss to owner. When owner calculated daily saving at the end he became happy and satisfied, he called Anchal and his team and appreciated them being good workers and saved his money. The owner offered extra payment to them as reward but they refused to take. Message derives that if labourer shows sense of responsibility, a lot of money, material and time could be saved. Those actors who were acted in the play included Rampaul Dogra, Jindha, Ashwani, Kavita, Mamta and Gulsan.

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