Obstruction during Guv’s address

The opposition created ruckus and forced the Governor N N Vohra to cut short his speech during address and left the House. As the Governor’s address is the customary and it was sad for the state to face this kind of misbehavior from the opposition parties. It is very unfortunate that opposition parties don’t believe in a democratic dialogue and used this platform to disrupt the session. We hope that they will play a role of a constructive Opposition.
As the respectable Members of Legislator Assembly (MLAs) who are elected by common public to represent their sufferings but without caring the miseries, these opposition MLAs created ruckus and threw placards towards the podium, forcing Governor NN Vohra to leave the House. Even they did not spare the National Anthem and continued to create an unproar even when the national anthem was being played to mark the beginning of the joint session when these members are not showing respect toward National Anthem then how they expect respect from others. In several states, police detained various people for not standing or showing disrespect to National Anthem while playing before the movie in several cinema halls. Opposition MLAs should apologize for their act during National Anthem. The situation aroused when the Governor entered the Central Hall of the Assembly at 11 am, legislators belonging to the Congress and the National Conference began raising slogans against killings in the Valley, arrest of youth under the Public Safety Act and failure of the government to start a political dialogue during the five-month-long unrest even though, the Governor started his address at 11 am but after 10 minutes had to discontinue it due to pandemonium in the Central Hall. Some unruly members threw placards towards the podium. Chairman of the J&K Legislative Council Inayat Ali and Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Kavinder Gupta were sitting on the podium too. The situation took an ugly turn when opposition members tried to move towards the podium but were prevented by marshals. At 11:14 am as the unruly protest continued, the Governor delivered the concluding part of his speech and left the Central Hall. Speaker and LC Chairman should be strict towards these kinds of act as the leaders present in the houses are not above to nation. Speaker and Chairman should ask them for apologize or should be given them some punishment so that in future they would not repeat these kind of act.

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