Of pigeons and spies

The Pakistan and its sponsored agencies have stooped to such a level that not even animals and birds are spared to inflict terrorism on the Indian Territory. The recent success of the Jammu and Kashmir police of
capturing more than 150 pigeons have brought great dent to
anti social elements.
Police in Jammu have captured more than 150 pigeons being smuggled for the purpose of espionage, although the pigeons have been handed over to a non-government organisation (NGO) Save Animals Value Environment (SAVE).
On the night of 6th October, during security checking at Vikram Chowk, 150 pigeons were seized from a car. The pigeons were packed in a box cruelly and were also dehydrated. After border security forces in mainland India clipped wings of a suspected “spy” pigeon for cross-border spying, dozens of others have been “detained” in winter capital. The colour of around 150 pigeons has made authorities in winter capital to go for investigation as has how and why the pigeons were “smuggled” in to the J&K territory.
Earlier also, police have captured a ‘spy pigeon’ with a note threatening Prime Minister Narendra Modi near the country’s heavily-
militarised border with Pakistan.
The bird was intercepted in Pathankot in the northern state of Punjab – near where Pakistani-based militants launched a deadly attack on an air force base in January.
Border Security Force (BSF) officers were patrolling near the frontier when they spotted the suspicious-looking pigeon and decided to act. This is a new modus operandi of the Pakistan and its sponsored agencies of carrying espionage in India. The poor birds and animals are not even spared by this country to inflict damages in the India. The recent incident of capturing birds in such a large number with ‘rings’ tied to their claws, shows that the Pakistan is apparently desperate to sneak into activities across the borders to execute its nefarious designs. The police and security forces had to maintain extra vigil to defeat evil designs of the Pakistan, who has even exploited birds.

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