Of Rajouri tension, communal harmony

The sudden eruption of communal tension in Rajouri town has one again shaken the state, wherein mere rumours led to clashes between two communities.
Even when the state government is struggling to bring normalcy in Kashmir valley, a spate of violence has hit Rajouri town of Jammu province, although based on the rumours.
The administration although imposed timely curfew, but the reasons behind such a volatile and communal clash need to be ascertained. Soon after the end of auspicious occasion of Eid, Rajouri town was reverberated with anti-national slogans and ransacking of property.
The government however, claims that the clashes were based on the rumours, but it seems that the handlers of Kashmir violence are now trying to spread roots in Jammu region, by giving it communal colour.
Moreover, if the government, especially district administration had barred internet on the festival, how did rumour spread to such a mass level.
The government and the administration need to understand that this communal clash is not only a warning of more violence in Jammu, but it also gives an indication that region and religion could be best exploited to create wedge between the communities.
Curfew was imposed in Rajouri district after violent clashes took place in the area over beef-related rumours.
The clashes started after a man was beaten up for slaughtering a camel as sacrifice for Eid. Though the administration imposed curfew and deployed a large number of security forces, clashes continue in several parts of the town.
With instances of cow vigilantism being reported from various parts of the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked the states to crack down on what he called “fake cow protectors”, saying often they were anti-social elements.
The administration has to think beyond clamping curfew and internet ban, as the situation in Jammu and Kashmir is going bad to worse, so identification of those miscreants, who are hell bent to damage social fabric of the state should be made.
The government also keeps check on borders and bank accounts of its citizens, as more money is expected to be pumped into J&K for fueling
the violence.
At this moment, the people of both the communities need to maintain calm, so that peace could be restored and those plans of miscreants of disturbing peaceful atmosphere of the Rajouri could be defiled.

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