Official website of higher education a comedy of errors

Pardeep Singh Bali

A cursory look at the official website of Jammu and Kashmir Higher Education gives a clear picture of the lackadaisical implementation of much-boasted e- governance programme in the state. This is notwithstanding millions of rupees the government spends annually on the employees’ salaries, infrastructure and maintenance of the National Informatics Centres in
different districts.
The official website of Higher Education department is running almost 15 years back as the population of the state for officials of higher education is still 1.01 Crore as against actual 1.25 Crores.
Besides misinforming about the population, the official website also gives inappropriate and obsolete detail about literacy rate,
The official website reads that there is about 55.52 % literacy rate as against present 67.16 %. Moreover, the female literacy rate is still 43.00 %, which otherwise on latest JK census report is 56.43 %. The male literacy rate is also 66.60 % on the official website as against 76.75 %. Not only this, the last notification on the official website of the Higher Education department was updated in June 2014, almost more than 2 and half years back. Similarly, last circular uploaded on the official website was made in November 2014.
The official website of the department has also not conare lethargic to update the official website regularly.
A senior official said that the concerned officers are getting hefty salaries from the public exchequer. “But it is shocking that they are not doing the work properly. We will take up the matter with higher officials to ensure that websites are updated as soon as possible,” senior official, wishing anonymity, said.
Talking to Newspoint, Director Colleges-Renu Goswami said that she will look into the matter at earliest.
“I have joined this department recently, most probably 12 days back and I am just checking the department. I have no idea about official website,” Goswami, adding, “At present there is no internet, but I will look into the matter and will instruct the concerned officials to immediately rectify the mistake and update the website regularly.”
It is pertinent to mention here that J&K Higher Education Department is the controlling authority for all the Higher Education Institutions of the State It has seven Universities and numerous Government and Non Government Colleges to look after. J&K State Higher Education Department has multifarious tasks to perform i.e Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation of the functioning of all the Institutions under its domain.

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