Officials created fictitious firms, withdrew bills worth lakhs

Bharti Jasrotia

Jammu and Kashmir cricket association is again in the news for wrong reasons. A huge payment has been made allegedly to a bogus firm.

Sources said that JKCA authorities are in dark about this payment which has been made recently. They added that the manner in which funds have been embezzled clearly reflects that association has not learnt any lessons from the multi crores scam which is under probe. According to details available with Newspoint Bureau, JKCA had to pay more than Rs 8 lakhs for catering and other services provided by various firms during the matches.

Sources said that two officials of JKCA allegedly created a fictitious firm namely RR enterprises. They showed that it is this firm which had provided all the required services. They had presented the bills in such a manner as if to suggest that it is they who had done everything. Sources further said that they submitted the bills in the month of January 2016 after being asked by the committee for the same.

Sources said that these JKCA officials had anticipated that they might get cash payment but the committee clearly told them that in no case the payment world be made in cash. They even stringently told that either they should come up with proper bills or else no payment would be made to them. When these were the conditions laid down by the committee, these officials immediately created firm and submitted the bills.

This was followed by JKCA issuing them account payees checks this was a shock to these officials since they were expecting hard cash and had not opened account in any bank across the state. Sources said that it is after getting the checks that they opened an account of the firm in the Gandhinagar branch of HDFC bank.

Sources further told that a payment of Rs 8 lakhs was made in this account and the officials according to sources withdrew this amount immediately on the pretext that they had to make certain payment. This was followed by another official opening another account in the same Gandhi nagar branch of HDFC bank to withdraw money he had claimed from the JKCA by presenting various bills. Interestingly, this official was the introducer in the first account opened by the two officials.

Sources said that State Vigilance Organisation should immediately take cognizance of this transaction and lodge an FIR against these officials who are misusing JKCA funds. Sources further said that if State Vigilance Organisation fails o taker cognizance or crime branch does not register the case and start investigation another multi crore scam is likely to hit JKCA.


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