Oil & Tanker Association stops supplies to Kashmir, Leh

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After complaints pouring in over the attacks on the truck and tanker drivers and even brandishing guns openly on them by the youths riding on motorcycles, Oil and Tanker Association has decided to stop supplies to Valley and Leh fearing life threat to the truckers and damages to the vehicles.

President, Oil and Tankers Association, Anan Sharma has said that people in Kashmir are assaulting the truck and tanker drivers and even brandishing guns openly over them.

He added that the drivers of trucks and tankers ferrying the essential and even life saving commodities to the Valley and Leh are being targeted by the protestors at various places. Various loaded tankers are stranded outside Srinagar Depot and protestors are pelting stones over the vehicles and damaging them, he stated.

While projecting the problems being faced by the poor drivers who are left stranded at various points in the Valley without food and safety, Anan said that the past four days have not been less than hell for the association after drivers spoke of getting life threats if they ever return to the Valley.

President alleged that the drivers have been shown revolvers by the protestors coming on motorcycles and they are scared of their lives, adding that guns have been brandished and the drivers have been beaten up.

“Drivers have been without food and water in the Valley and the protesters simply come on motorcycles, thrown stones and brandish guns. The protesters have been telling drivers to not bring Indian Oil and other supplies to their land and Government should take this matter seriously”, he added.

Damaging of vehicles is not a new incident. Truck and tanker drivers are facing multiple problems in Valley and Government should come to their rescue, he stated.

“The tankers are loaded, but we are not sending them to Valley and Leh as we are assuming life threat to drivers and damage to vehicles”, he said, adding that till Government will provide security cover to the drivers, we will not allow the supplies.

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