Old lady offers roses, thanks bankers for their services

New Delhi, November 22
The demonetisation move has taken a toll on the bankers across the country, compelling them to slog out well beyond their usual working hours. Withstanding abuses and extreme workload, the bank employees have been mostly at the receiving end of the rage and ire of the common man. Amid this din and despair, however, this video of an old lady offering roses to employees, thanking them for their services, is so heartening!
Prime Minister Narendra Modi too has appreciated the bankers for going the extra mile to ensure implementation of the demonetisation scheme was on track. Not all heroes wear capes. Let us take a moment to thank all the bankers, the torchbearers of this humongous transition process and offer to be little a patient while we wait for our turn. This is the least we can do.

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