Old man from UP receives no treatment for his disease, lives in Jammu since 35 years

An old man named Ganesh who sits at the roadside of Jammu Railway Station is facing a skin disease for which he’s not able to get any treatment. Belonging to Uttar Pradesh, this man is staying in Jammu since 35 years and sits on the footpath due to his helplessness.

He said “My name is Ganesh. I sat in a train from UP to Ambala but reached Katra. I thought of staying there for 10-12 days and returning back but went to Pathankot. Due to some bus fare issues of Rs. 260, I ended up reaching Jammu and have stayed here for 35 years now. I have “charam rog” (skin disease) as the Doctors say. They give me medicines which last for 8-10 days and my pain starts again. The treatment for this disease is not available in Jammu but in my native town. I request the Government to help me reach my home and cure my problem.”

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The poor man runs his life cycle by people’s donations. Lacking the basic necessity of home, he only owns 2-3 blankets which help him in winters. The man just wishes to reach his hometown and reduce his disease pain. Hope Jammu’s NGOs and the Government come forward in helping this needy person. Supporting this act will not only give this person a better health but a better life. He will be able to earn his bread in a better way and that’s what defines happiness.