Omar asks Modi to rein in forces trying to create a wedge between Muslims and Hindus

March 4:Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah today asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to rein in forces who were trying to “create a wedge” between Muslims and Hindus in the country, saying people of all religions should live together in peace and brotherhood.

Omar, the working president of National Conference (NC) was reacting to inflammatory speech made by BJP leaders in Agra.

“If Muslims would have been weak, then perhaps we would have become afraid by a statement from one BJP member.

“This is the weakness in their thinking.

“We have always believed that all religions should live together in peace and brotherhood.

“Such statements worsen the situation instead of setting it right and it will be good if Modi reins in such forces,” Omar told reporters here.

The National Conference (NC) working president was speaking to media after a convention of his party’s youth wing at NC headquarters.

He also criticised the Centre over the handling of JNU row saying the government either “remained silent” or “lied” whenever they said something.

Everyone with right thinking will be worried about the (JNU) situation.

The way they made arrests and then played a “propaganda war” with the arrested person by producing “fake evidence” and even taking help of television channels to broadcast “fake videos,” he said.

Omar said Delhi police has itself “admitted” that there was no video “evidence” against those who have been arrested.

When those videos were analysed forensically, it was found out that those videos were “fake”, he said.

In such a situation, what message are we giving to our students and our youth? That even if they speak truth, it will still be “twisted”.

This is a worrisome situation and unfortunately, the present government either remained “silent” or even if they said something, they “lied”, he said.

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