Omar takes on Baig, says PDP distorting truth ‘Current unrest in Kashmir not because of Pak’

Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Saturday came down heavily on the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) MP Muzaffar Hussain Baig who had blamed madarassas for the current unrest.

He said none of the local boys who had joined militant ranks were educated in madarassas.

“Not a single local young boy who has joined militant ranks in recent months has come out from a Madrassa-based educational background – this fact itself exposes the fallacy of what PDP is trying to peddle for its own vested interests. Some of these young boys were toppers in the mainstream educational system while a few of them were meritorious students in professional college programs. What PDP is trying to do by distorting the truth is extremely dangerous and perverse?” asked Omar.

Omar said that the PDP looked down at the people, especially the youth of Kashmir.

“For Muzaffar Baig to suggest that these young boys are becoming militants for ‘two sets of Kameez Pajamas’ is an indication of his party’s mindset – of how they look down upon the people and especially the youth of Kashmir,” he said in a statement issued here today.

Omar said that these youths were taking to armed resistance for their political beliefs, not “two sets of kurta pajamas”.

“These young boys are not re-discovering the path of armed resistance for ‘two sets of Kurta Pajamas’ as claimed by PDP but for their political beliefs,” said Omar.

He said that “we disagree with their ways and methods and reiterate that violence is unacceptable, we cannot afford to ridicule and insult them and consequently push them further away from the system.”

“Such contemptuous remarks from PDP – first from Mehbooba Mufti and now from Muzaffar Baig – are augmenting the anger and frustration in the Valley and that is a travesty”, he said.

“Not only did PDP choose to tacitly support the use of excessive force in the Valley it also stooped to the extent of deriding those voices of empathy and solidarity at the national level that had been demanding the Central Government adopts a humane and political approach towards the situation.”

The NC Working President expressed disappointment at how the Central Government had turned its focus on the tried, tested and failed formulations of looking at the issue in Kashmir through the prism of Pakistan and radicalization.

“The unrest in Kashmir is not because of Pakistan. While suggesting so might be politically expedient and convenient for the Central Government, it comes with the unimaginable risk of alienating the people of Kashmir to an irrevocable and irreparable limit. When that limit is breached, no amount of rhetoric or grandstanding will help. I’m dismayed that New Delhi has yet again refused to acknowledge the gravity of the already volatile situation in the Valley. This will add further fuel to the current unrest”, Omar added.

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