Omar urges Centre to talk to stakeholders in J&K

The former Chief Minister and working president of opposition National Conference (NC) Omar Abdullah today said that Indo-Pak dialogue can’t resolve the Jammu and Kashmir issue unless Centre holds a similar dialogue with people of the State.
While speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a workers rally at Anantnag, Omar said that Jammu and Kashmir issue has external and internal dimension and the Centre has to hold dialogue with the State in the same way it is holding with Pakistan.
“The issue can’t be resolved through dialogue between New Delhi and Islamabad only. Jammu and Kashmir issue has two dimensions, one is external and another is internal. Internal dialogue is important. The way Centre is talking to Islamabad, in the same way it has to talk to Jammu and Kashmir. This State has people with diverse ideologies and they have to be brought in the ambit of dialogue and a solution is to be worked out that is acceptable to majority of the people”, the NC leader said.
Omar said that gun is no solution to the issue and only way forward is through dialogue. “I have always said that dialogue is the only way for resolving the issues. Kashmir issue can’t be resolved through gun. If we have to find a solution, it is through dialogue. Now the talks between New Delhi and Islamabad have begun and now we hope that Kashmir issue will also be discussed”, he said.
The NC leader criticized the State Government for implementing National Food Security Act (NFSA). He said blamed PDP-BJP Government of subjecting people to miseries and making them to starve.
“The Act (NFSA) is anti-poor and certainly not favourable in an economically weak State like ours. More than three lakh people in Srinagar city only will be denied of ration. So, the situation in other parts of state will naturally be no different,” said Omar.
The former CM questioned the claims of State Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution Department (CAPDD) Minister about providing quality food to Below Poverty Line (BPL) families on subsidized rates. “A person with cell phone does not fall under BPL category, nor does one possessing a gas connection or having a house with a tin covered roof top,” he said.
Stating that his party National Conference (NC) will oppose the Act tooth and nail and pressurize Government to revoke it, he said: “The statement of CAPDD Minister that the Act was conceived by our government is baseless and misleading.”
“I challenge CAPD Minister to come up with any official document supporting his claim and make it public,” said Omar. “In-fact we were against enacting the Act though our coalition partner-Congress was for it”, he added.
Castigating Chief Minister, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed of reneging on his ‘promises’, Omar questioned: “What happened to Mufti’s agenda  of returning of power projects from National Hydel Power Project Corporation (NHPC), increasing frequency of cross LoC trade  and opening up new route and other developmental activities. He (Mufti) instead is putting people to more hardships”.
Addressing party workers at Shangus in Anantnag district, Omar said all political promises made by the PDP-BJP Government stand exposed as lies as PDP remains completely muted on the whereabouts of its pre-election slogans and demands.
“After seeking votes against the BJP during the elections Mufti Sahab went to embrace the BJP and said he was doing so for the benefit of the State and its people. We were given a fancy ‘Agenda of the Alliance’ where it was promised that Mufti would bring back the power projects, get AFSPA revoked, make New Delhi talk to the separatists and get New Delhi to open additional trade and travel routes along the LoC. What happened to those promises Mufti Sahab? Today there is no talk of AFSPA revocation. Where are Mehbooba Mufti’s placards and protests on AFSPA today? It’s astonishing how PDP has changed its entire political persona and ideology to remain in power with the BJP”, Omar asked.
“Mufti Sahab is either in Gulmarg or Pahalgam or sipping tea with the rich and the business elite. Rules are being bent for crony capitalists while the common man is suffering without his woes being heard by the Government.” he added

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