On cleanliness index, Jammu dirtiest

Balwant Singh Bhau


If the cleanliness index is any indicator, Jammu, the city of temples, is one of the dirtiest cities in the country.

It has been put in the black category with the score ranging between 31 to 60 on the cleanliness index. This dirt of Jammu has been brought to light by Union Ministry of Tourism in its report on development of cleanliness index for cities. This study report is based on the data collected through observation of consultants, tourists and locals, interview with the officers of urban local bodies and other bodies.

The cleanliness index in the study report was developed through a composite score developed from a large number of indicators. These included cleanliness of sewage and drainage, effectiveness of garbage collection and disposal, cleanliness of public conveniences, cleanliness around drinking water facilities, cleanliness around eateries and cleanliness on ambience related aspects.

The study used color coding for categorization of cities based on the cleanliness index. The cities which were worst performing were categorized as Red, those slightly better were put in Black category, those cleaner than previous two categories were put in blue category, while the best cities were bracketed in the green category.

Jammu with a City Cleanliness Index of 59 was placed in the Black category on Cleanliness Index. The findings clearly reflect that Jammu city needs more attention to improve cleanliness. The city needs to make concerted efforts for improving cleanliness and thus, move to next best category. According to the reports, the city is near the average cleanliness index on most of the parameters.

Out of the six parameters reflecting current cleanliness status, no parameter is in green category, 3 parameters are in black, 3 are in blue category. The values of indices on these parameters range between 0 to 72. Cleanliness of public conveniences, garbage collection and disposal and cleanliness around sewer/ drainage are pulling down the cleanliness of the city.

The city is doing relatively better with respect to Cleanliness around eateries, clean ambience and cleanliness around drinking water facility, says the study of the tourism ministry.  The report has specifically said that the top areas requiring urgent attention in Jammu include cleanliness of Public conveniences, cleanliness of sewer/drainage; and garbage collection and disposal

According to the ‘Swachh Survekshan -2016 – ranks of 73 cities Mysore tops the list while Dhanbad occupies bottom of the list. 15 cities are in Leaders category, 20 in Aspiring Leaders, 18 cities needing acceleration, and 20 Slow Movers.  According to the survey, 15 cities which scored more than 70 percent of the total marks of 2000, were categorized as Leaders, 20 cities with scores in the range of 60-70 percent are Aspiring Leaders.

While those with scores in the range of 50-60 percent are the cities which need to accelerate their efforts, and cities which scored below 50 percent are named Slow Movers which need to work harder to improve sanitation. Pertinently, on January 28, National Green Tribunal had castigated the Jammu and Kashmir government for municipal waste scattered across Srinagar.

The report has come as a grim reminder that government is not doing much to improve cleanliness across Jammu city. It has failed to realize the dream of ‘Swacch Jammu’. It is not to be seen how the Government reacts to this report and brings about revolutionary changes in the two municipal corporations and several municipal committees of the state.


Garbage littered all over! The strike by employees of Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) is likely to deteriorate the cleanliness ranking of Jammu


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