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I haven’t experienced God in Her full magnificence like the yogis in samadhi or turiya state, where She reveals Her all-pervading luminescence and effulgence indisputably to the seeker. But as She becomes an inextricable part of my daily living I see every push, pull, nudge and jostle I receive as inexorable attempts by the Universe to centre me in my own divinity.

The harrowing situations I encountered while growing up aided me in finding myself. Had they not occurred at such a relentless, unforgiving pace, forcing me to introspect, I would still be mired in blame games and a sense of victimhood like so many others.

Earlier, I had many issues with people and the way they functioned. How could they be mean, insensitive, cruel, rude and short-sighted? But when an epiphany revealed that all that exists is God, my sensibilities altered. I remember having read that when Sri Ramakrishna Paramhamsa was trying to explain the pervasiveness of God in the entire manifest and unmanifest cosmos to his disciples, Vivekananda began to laugh uncontrollably at the apparent ludicrousness of the statement.

“You mean to say that these flies are God, this lota is God that brick lying in the corner is God? Ha ha ha.” Unable to logically penetrate his severely rational mind, Ramakrishna touched Vivekananda by his foot. In that very instant Vivekananda saw the entire creation pulsate with Divine radiance. For a long time he was in a trance and unable to see common things also without a sense of wonder, awe and reverence. How this realisation alters one’s perspective.

Every time I become aware of this truth I become wide-eyed with extreme wonderment. If everything is God, then that lady arguing like a harridan is God expressing herself. The quick-to-anger, unthinking, emotional being before me is God. The one suffering in silence is God. The one strutting about haughtily is God, the one struggling to make ends meet is God, the one nursing a broken heart is God, the one weeping copiously is God, the one in depression is God, the murderous one fuming with jealousy is God, In short, the whole spectrum of good and bad, big and small, cheaters and swindlers, sinners and saints, is nothing but God expressing Herself in all Her ignorance and enlightenment.

And this God spread before me makes me very emotional. Because here that elusive Being is easily available in its most reachable, vulnerable, understandable, touchable and immensely relatable form.

The more I relate to people on the basis of their inherently divine origin, the more they respond to me from that space. As I scan the myriad forms and faces of the Divine scattered before me, my astonishment knows no bounds. What surprises me even more is that these forms are unaware of their own divinity. They consider themselves so ordinary, are full of doubts, questions, insecurities and think of God as separate from themselves, sitting somewhere far up in the sky.

Though their unthinking words or actions may hurt me sometime, I find it difficult to judge or label them. In their unaware form they compel me to scan my inner world and take more responsibility for my speech and actions. And in their aware form they fill up my world with love, friendliness, warmth, help and acceptance.

And while the majority might be unaware of their uniqueness and specialness, I see that the more I relate to people on the basis of their inherently divine origin, the more they respond to me from that space. Said Adi Shankaracharya very succinctly, “The creation is one with the creator.” Though there are many aspects of this creation itself which baffle me and are beyond my comprehension, I do feel that if they exist, they are valid, even though I may be unaware of the purpose and reason for their existence.


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