Only 7 Indian Firms are on ‘This Year’s ‘Fortune 500’ List as Compared to over 100 From China

Serious Study Report By: Harbans S Nagokay.


Our growth rate slowed to an annual rate of 7.1%, compared with 7.9% in the previous quarter.It is the slowest growth since the April to June quarter in 2014, when the rate was 6.7%.According to Intelligentsias; blaming Government alone, is not the solution else the real reason lies within our lethargic populaces and their lazy approaches as ‘only 2.3% of the Indian workforce has undergone formal skill training, as compared to 68% in UK and 52% in the US and above almost 50% in China.
Professionals doubt that public perception on skilling and vocationalis still low. “Skilling is supposed as the last possibility meant for those who have not been able to headway in the formal academic system” This mental block has only increased the gap between what the industry requires and what is currently available, said an ‘Institute Head’Dr. Priya Sharma; from a state-of-the, art; institution involved in skilled trainings at Jammu.
Undoubtedly, doctors, engineers and allied professionals’ are overqualified to work at secondary stages call else at not much serious / trivial stages otherwise requires a ready stage to work-on & perform, whereas high school pass-outs or fresher’s are almost like under qualified. And, to bridge this gap ‘Skilling’ through Skilled-Trainings serves as middle ground for finding and filling this small gap of sorting out the requisite man power. Due to a serious shortage of appropriate vocational training establishments, our economy does not have enough of trained man-power duly prepared for the area specified / job specified; know-how.
Amidst such disparity, a skilled manpower base becomes a civicuprightness. But, the idea of government funded vocational programmes sometimes sounds pointless. As, free distributions demands always more despite making the silent majority idle thenjust demanding without works.
Anyhow; there’s one new entrant from India this year in the latest ‘Fortune 500’ list of the world’s biggest corporations is out and seven Indian companies made it the list, the same number as last year. Retail giant Walmart topped the global ranking and Indian Oil Corp ranked the highest at 161st among Indian firms, but ONGC has moved out of the rankings for 2016.
Indian Oil is followed by banking giant State Bank Of India (SBI), Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum. Unfortunately RELIANCE skidded-down also from no. 153 to no. 215. In comparison, more than 100 Chinese companies made it to the list, behind only the US, which had the most companies. Over a dozen new companies from China made it for the first time on the list. Now; the TOP 10 are as follows:
By all said-and-done; the good news is the ‘Make in India’ initiative; which will definitely be making headways, soon. Asserting that his government has initiated far-reaching legal reforms, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said it wants to create a vibrant arbitration mechanism as investors need to be assured that the rules of the game will not be changed arbitrarily and commercial disputes can be resolved efficiently.
At the end, in a surprise move TATA sons once again became the interim head of TATA group but another polemic shocked when Cyrus Mistry has been doubted now to throw Ratan Tata under the bus in the DoCoMo case, sources told.The Tatas were worried that Mr Mistry was looking to sell the family jewels, they said, criticizing how he ran the conglomerate.The turning point was Mr Mistry’s decision to sell Tata Steel’s unit in the UK, Mr Mistry was also seen to have failed to bring any major investment into British car brand JLR-Jaguar Land Rover, which the company acquired in 2008.His move to sell the group’shotel in Chicago and put another in New York on the block also did not go down well with the group.

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