Opening of NIA office in J&K

The decision of Central Government to open National Investigation Agency (NIA) office in Jammu covering four Northern Indian states to investigate cases related to terrorists and unearthing racket of hawala money in the state would go a long way to investigate the cases expeditiously.
The decision is very late, had it would have taken a long back then the situation might be different at present in the state.
Anyhow it is a praiseworthy step in right direction though late but at right time to deal sensitive cases in the state.
Earlier NIA team has to rush to J&K to investigate terrorist cases after happing but now not only it would give a boost to deal the cases but would also be convenient for NIA team itself.
The main objective of this investigating agency is to deal exclusively terrorist and its related cases, collect evidence so that terrorists do not go scot free later on in the court by taking advantage of loopholes of the existing law.
It may be recalled that after Udhampur and Pathankot terrorist strike, NIA team deputed by central government made several rounds of these spots, causing loss of time, energy and public money.
Union Home Minister taking lessons from these incidents, decided to open office of NIA at Jammu, which would also help to keep surveillance on anti-national forces.
Before constitution of NIA team, several agencies were involved to deal sensitive cases, which proved very time consuming and cumbersome process thereby either giving slip to the accused while proving it in the court while in some cases it prolong finalization of the cases and defeating the very purpose to give perpetrators an exemplary punishment.
J&K state is militancy infested for last 27 years, where according to intelligence agencies; hawala money is being pumped into the state to foment unrest and disturbance besides giving help and assistance to terrorists coming from across the border.
The official of NIA have also to investigate the funding of separatists so there is a great challenge for this elite investigation agency in the state in the days to come while it has also to investigate cases related to three other states like Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.
NIA has been investigating terror funds and hawala rackets running into several crores involving separatist and other influential persons in Jammu and Kashmir.
Now NIA has to crack down on terror funding in the state by the mentors of terrorist abroad and in case it succeed in its mission then there are chances of unearthing the forces behind in the unrest in the valley which would help to restore normalcy in the state.
According to intelligence inputs, Pakistan Army and ISI are leaving no stone unturned to exploit the deteriorating situation in the Valley and several terrorist are at launching pads at LoC for infiltration.
We not only hope but confident that the role of NIA by establishing office at Jammu would come as handy in the days to come.
Also, it is not surprising that why the central government took a long time to establish NIA office in the state, facing militancy for last 27 years.

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