Opposition mortifies APD visit to Valley

The action of the some opposition leaders, part of All Party Delegation (APD), visiting Kashmir for restoration of peace and normalcy have mortified the very idea of the visit by reaching out to the Separatists.
Some members of the delegation went to meet Hurriyat leaders in their individual capacity, but had to face disappointment, as no separatist leader agreed to sit for talks.
The very idea of APD visit to valley was to set in process the momentum for talks and peace, but the action of opposition members of meeting the separatists disgraced the very sanctity of the delegation. The opposition members largely followed the policy of appeasing separatists, which was not part of NDA led BJP government.
The move of separatist was expected, as they have past history of being adamant and obstinate towards delegations including interlocutor constituted by central government from time to time.
Now opposition parties particularly Congress Party has been exposed for targeting NDA government in both house of Parliament in last session for not doing anything to resolve Kashmir problem.
It has also been proved that delegation did not do any home work before proceeding to Valley.
But NDA government led by Prime Minister Narender Modi was forced to take decision of visit of all party delegation when all political parties put pressure on the government to break the ice by talking with all stakeholders.
Moreover, some Congress leader complicated the situation by issuing confusing and controversial statements on Kashmir issue.
To point here is of statement of Prof Saif-ud-Din Soz who advocated for four point formula suggested by former Pakistan President Parvez Mushrraf to resolve the Kashmir problem while former Finance Minister P Chidambram asked for giving more autonomy to J&K.
In this way the real face of Congress party has been exposed that that they are not interested to bring peace in the state so that PDP-BJP government may end, forcing Governor rule in the state.
Surprisingly, when some members of APD that arrived in Srinagar in a b id to end ongoing crisis went to meet Geelani’s residence, no one opens the door while Mirwaiz and Malik also refused to hold any talks.
It is also a lesson for the central government to make home work by taking help of back door channel with all stakeholders particularly separatist before taking any further step so that such types of embarrassment could be avoided.
Haste decision cannot prove fruitful but on the contrary can be prove counter productive by making matter further complicated.
The government has already made its stand clear that they are interested to hold talk with anyone within the frame work of the constitution. Besides, Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti before arrival of APD has invited all separatist leaders to meet visiting All Party Delegation to resolve ongoing unrest and violence. Even that offer was also turned down by separatist leaders.
Now question arise what separatist leaders want. If their demands are not under the ambit of constitution then the only option is left with the government to crack down on all separatist leaders and their associate and prosecute them under sedition charges.
It is known to all that neither any government at the centre nor any Indian can compromise with integrity and unity of the country.

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