Our fans want us to date: Ridhima Pandit

March 28:Their pairing may be relatively new but Karan V. Grover and Ridhima Pandit of Life OK’s Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant are easily one of the most talked about couples onscreen.

The duo tells us that the successful chemistry is because of the rapport they have come to share off-screen — Karan’s acting tips helped Ridhima ease into the show, and Ridhima’s affable nature helped them work together as better co-stars. In a freewheeling chat, the onscreen couple tells us what makes one of the most adorable pairs on the tube.

So, how did the ice break when you guys met on the sets for the first time?
Karan: Well when we met, I realised that Ridhima is extremely cordial, so getting along was not a big problem.
Ridhima: I met Karan at our friend’s common party and I found him to be down to earth. When I got to know that I would be working with him, I was happy. He has always made me feel comfortable.

What’s your off-screen equation like?
Karan: Like I mentioned earlier, we get along very well.
Ridhima: It is fantastic. Technically we have no common friends but still I go out with him and his friends.

So, what makes your onscreen chemistry work?
Karan: I think when actors have faith in each other, the chemistry automatically improves.
Ridhima: Karan’s positive attitude makes the onscreen chemistry work. He always supports me — I always look up at him for inspiration as he is in the industry since very long.

Is it awkward filming the romantic scenes considering you have just started knowing each other?
Karan: To be very honest, our show has just started and we really haven’t shot any intimate scenes so far so I don’t know whether we will be awkward or no…
Ridhima: I don’t think it will be awkward for both of us as we are comfortable with each other.

Who is a better co-star between the two of you?
Karan: I think Ridhima is a lot more talented than I am, I still have limitations but she has taken over the role right since this debut show. She has made it her own and will surely be remembered as Rajni for long.
Ridhima: Karan is a better co-star. He has a vast acting experience whereas I am clueless as to how to give a particular shot. I take suggestions from him.

So, who takes more retakes?
Karan: I think retakes are very subjective. It is dependent on a lot of factors like the scene, timing, location, and most importantly, one’s mood. One can never say who takes up retakes repeatedly or regularly.
Ridhima: I take more retakes. The reason behind that is, as a robot, I am not even allowed to blink my eyes and that becomes difficult at times.

How many times have you guys burst out laughing while filming a scene?
Karan: It happens in every scene, especially with papaji’s character. We are like family; we enjoy every scene.
Ridhima: We are laughing all the time on the sets. We all keep pulling each other’s leg so there is something to look forward everyday on the sets.

Is there any particular scene that’s made its way to your heart so far?
Karan:  I like the scene where Shaan tells Rajni that humans have a tendency of over reacting when sad and upset. I think this over-emotional side to us humans is something that I have never understood.
Ridhima: I like the entry shoot of my shaadi. I think I was dressed beautifully as a bride. Since I play a robot in the show, it was a different experience for me.

What’s the one thing you like and dislike about each other?
Karan: Ridhima is very cooperative as an actor, but I dislike the fact that she tends to get completely disconnected from her scene at times.
Ridhima: Karan is practical; the only thing I dislike is that he is very disciplined when it comes to food. I am the opposite — I love eating junk food but he never allows me to eat it!

Are there any interesting fan comments on your jodi that’s caught your eye?
Karan: People are requesting me to build them a wife!
Ridhima: My fans want us to date. I find it amusing.

Is there any scene that’s made you go, “I wish I had performed it better’?
Karan: Personally, every time I watch my scenes after a few days, I feel like I could have done all of them better.
Ridhima: As an actor, I am never satisfied but there was one scene where I performed a stunt. I felt like I could do that stunt better but I couldn’t attempt it again since I was unwell that day.

Who is the jagga jasoos of the set who gets all the gossip—you or her?
Karan: Tanvi Thakker is our jagga jasoos. She knows everything about everyone.
Ridhima: I believe I am the jagga jasoos but Karan observes everything.

Any annoying habits/secrets you would like to reveal about each other?
Karan: Ridhima loves to eat junk food be it pakodas, kachori, chaat etc. I find that annoying, since I am a fitness freak.
Ridhima: His fitness gyaan. It becomes very difficult to stop Karan if he starts talking about fitness. It gets pretty annoying after a point.

Where are you most likely to be found during breaks on the set?
Karan: In my room, sleeping.
Ridhima: In the green room. The cast sits together, and share tiffins as we talk about our life and career.

Who is crazier among the two of you?
Karan: I personally think it is Ridhima. I’m very lazy as a person.
Ridhima: Definitely Karan. He keeps pulling everyone’s leg on the sets and he will pretend to be really angry sometimes and when the person gets scared, he will burst out laughing.

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