‘Our PM Narendra Modi’s IQ-Countered Pakistan using IT Terms-Style’‘We export software &Pakistan exports terror’

PM’s ‘MAAN KI BAAT (Part 24’) SAATH-SAATH’ A Special Study Report By: Harbans S Nagokay
Today, sharp at 11 AM; while from the beginning PM spoken clearly& loudly ‘That the sacrifice of our 18 Jawans will not go in vain’ we will leave no stone unturned to isolate Pakistan in the world. India will not forget the militant attack that killed 18 soldiers at an army base in Kashmir, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today, but hardened calls for a military retribution by challenging Pakistan to a war on poverty, unemployment and illiteracy.
On other side, a group of Americans are petitioning the White House to designate Pakistan a state-sponsor of terrorism, as proposed in a legislation moved earlier this week by two members of the House of Representatives. Yes! Anyone can create and start a petition to the White House, a move initiated by President Barack Obama to make his administration directly responsive to Americans, and get a response if it gets more than 1,00,000 signatures in 30 days.That response may or may not be the action sought in the
petition, but it will be an official response with the demand or issue in question put to relevant authorities.In this instance, the relevant authority is the US state department. From every side, voices are otherwise high and”It is time we stop paying Pakistan for its betrayal and designate it for what it is, a state sponsor of terrorism,” Congressman Poe said after introducing the bill.While introducing the White House petition, its creator said, “This petition is important to the people of United State of America, India and many other countries which are continuously
affected by Pakistan sponsored terrorism.” Then, in order to get response from the White House, a support campaign also been witnessed at various WHATSAPP Groups at Jammu from various intelligentsias, and senior personalities as well.
In an another incident of disapprovals to whichever kind of extremism by the peace loving world-communities, a Pakistan-born actor has been sacked from Britain’s most popular television show after posting what broadcaster ITV called Sunday “entirely unacceptable, racially offensive” comments about Indians on social media. Marc Anwar, 45, joined “Coronation Street”, the world’s longest-running TV soap opera, in 2014 as a member of the show’s first Muslim family.The posts hit out at India over the Kashmir dispute and suggested Pakistani actors should refuse to work in the country.
Affirmatively! PM Modi’s dream projects like ‘START-UP INDIA, DIGITAL INDIA’ etc. will witness another success tomorrow, when ISRO’s Rocket Takes Off Tomorrow, With 8 Satellites , The Indian Space Research Organisation, or ISRO, is gearing up for its longest and most complex mission till date – launching multiple satellites from one rocket into two different orbits. Tomorrow, the 37th Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle or PSLV takes off from Sriharikota carrying 8 satellites – three from India, three from Algeria, and one each from Canada and the US.
n We lost 18 soldiers in a terror attack in Jammu and Kashmir’s Uri. I pay my tribute to these martyrs; there is anger in the country. This cowardly act was enough to shake the conscience of the country. The perpetrators of these attacks will be punished for sure. We have full confidence in Indian Army and are proud of them. While politicians speak, military shows bravery. We are proud of our army, says PM.
n Today, I want to speak to the people of Kashmir. They have started to recognise those who oppose our country. They want their life to get back on track. All of us know that peace and unity is the only solution to our problems. The security of the people of Kashmir is the responsibility of the administration.
n I appreciate the efforts by young Harshvardhan. He wrote to me after the attacks, said he was troubled by the attack. He said he will study three extra hours, become an ideal citizen and serve the nation.
n Several people who wrote on @mygovindia and the ‘Narendra Modi App’ urged me to talk about Paralympics. The medal winners including Deepa Malik and DevendraJhajharia have made the whole country proud. I came to know that some of these paralympians broke the records held by normal athletes. I want to tell the country through the ‘Mann kiBaat’ that my government will empower these paralympians.
n Swachh Bharat completes two years. 2.48 Crore toilets built in the rural areas. 1.5 Cr more will be constructed in next year.
n Use the number 1969 to know about progress of Swachh Bharat. The number can also be used for requesting work in your area.

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