Over 5,500 security force men martyred in line of duty in last 24 years in Jammu and Kashmir

War against terror has claimed the lives of over 5,500 security forces men and officers in the strife torn Jammu and Kashmir in the last 24 years.

Figures released by the Jammu and Kashmir police reveal that around 5,504security force men including army, paramilitary soldiers and cops have died fighting militants from 1990 to 2014 in Jammu and Kashmir.

In 1990, when Kashmir was up in flames, around 150 security force men were killed by militants. Around 173 security forces men were killed in 1991 and 189 in 1992. The security forces fatalities increased every year with militants unleashing a wave of violence across the state.

Nearly 198 security force men were killed in 1993 followed by 200 in 1994, 237 in 1995, 189 in 1996, 216 in 1997, 268 in 1998 and 407 in 1999.

The turn of the decade was the bloodiest for the security forces with casualties mounting dramatically. For instance, around 482 security force men were killed in 2000 followed by 613 in 2001, 539 in 2002, 384 in 2003 and 330 in 2004.

“It was the bloodiest phase for the security forces. There are number of reasons for that. The number of foreign militants was very high. Fidayeen attacks, suicide bombings andcar bombs had increased resulting in mounting casualties to the forces,” said a counter-terrorism expert.

Security forces however were quick to adapt to new age militancy and therefore they adopted a proactive approach which helped them in minimising their casualties and dealt a crushing blow to ultras.

Official figures reveal that in 2005, around 244 security forces men died fighting militancy. In 2006, 182 security force men died in the line of duty followed by 122 in 2007.

From 2008 onward the security forces were able to break the backbone of the militants in Jammu and Kashmir. With the result the causalities of the security forces came down from three digit figures to two digit figures.

Official figures reveal that security forces lost 85 men in 2008 followed by 79 in 2009 and 69 in 2010. In 2011, 33 security forces men were killed fighting militants followed by 15 in 2012, 53 in 2013 and 47 in 2014.

“Anti infiltration and counter terrorist operation is a continuous process. It is regular feature. Situation is under control. Terrorist actions and crime is on decline,” K Rajendra Kumar, director general of police, Jammu and Kashmir told reporters in Kishtwar on Monday.

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