Over five dozen names identified for inciting violence in Kashmir

Vinod Kumar

Taking a significant lead in reaching out to the roots of inflicting violence in Kashmir, the central and state governments have identified over five dozen names, who are allegedly inciting violence in the Valley.

According to sources privy to the development over 60 people have been identified by the government with the help of NIA, who are allegedly providing logistics to these street protests.

“We have traced a list of over 60 people in and outside the Kashmir, who are sponsoring the violence in Kashmir by pumping huge money. These people are providing stones, compensation and eatables to the youth who are attacking police and security forces,” said a senior police officer, wishing anonymity.

He added that the names identified are also brainwashing the youth and are guiding them to path of violence.

“It has been seen the people behind this violence are being patronized by the Pakistan and some NRIs, especially Kashmiris,” said officer, adding they have selected their touts in Kashmir and exploit them to misguide the youth.

These people have strictly instructed their touts to use children and women as shield in street protests by inciting their religious susceptibilities.

Even the NIA has launched a preliminary probe to track transactions from 17 accounts in four banks of south Kashmir that is allegedly being used to fuel the militant and separatist activities.

These accounts have come under the NIA scanner and are being investigated for suspected terror or separatist links.

As per reports, NIA is looking into the dates of withdrawals made from these accounts, and tallying them with incidents of protests and blockades in the valley to establish links. While some withdrawals did take place on the eve of these protests, some of the transactions made could also just be cases of concealment of income.

Atul Karwal, inspector general, CRPF, had said, “Most of these stone-pelters are unemployed youths. They are paid a certain sum of money, Rs 500 to Rs 1,000 per day, for pelting stones. We need to do something about it.”

As per the report, the funds are transferred in small amounts to different accounts to avoid suspicion. Some people who received this cash in their accounts had no link to the depositors and the money was withdrawn within 48 hours.

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