Paddy procurement

The Monsoon season in almost over and paddy crops cultivated by the farmers is at the last stage to be harvested. Though there is enough time for Basmati variety to be harvested but other verities of paddy like Sarvati etc are likely to be reaped. In some areas of Bishnah and RS Pura Tehsil, the farmers are seen engaged in harvesting Sarvati paddy crops so after some time probably paddy procurement would start by the government agencies and dealers.
More or less the Monsoon season in this year remained favourable and therefore there are chances of bumper paddy crops. But the farmer community is still worried because Minimum Support Price (MSP) for paddy crops fixed by the government last year was very less comparison to the investment made by the farmers. The rates of Basmati were also encouraging as a result the farmers
suffered heavy loss.
As on date, expenditure of paddy cultivation ranges from rupees 10,000 to rupees 12,000 which include ploughing charges, transplantation, purchase of fertilizers, seeds and chemical spray.
In addition, the farmers remain busy in the field for irrigation and other purposes till crop is not ready.
Despite investing huge money and doing hard work, one can imagine the frustration of farmer if he get profit less than his investment. It is due to that very reason the reports of farmer’s suicide cases are coming from various parts of the country.
The poor income of agriculture produces cause farmers dejected and sulking.
It would not be out of place to mention here that except farmers, all other professions have certainty to some extent of their income.
A farming is the only profession which has no certainty despite huge investment and hard labour till the crops reached in the house of farmers.
His uncertainties are numerous like loss in case of less rainfall, heavy rainfall, flood or hail storm.
Given that he has bumper crops but if the government fix less procurement rates and not as higher as per his investment even though he remain in loss.
Paddy procurement for this year is still has to be started.
It is high time that government should fix procurement rates favourable to farmers so that they meet all their requirement of life and do not remain in loss.
For example at the initial stage, the procurement rates of paddy crops are fixed very less but the farmers are forced to sell their produce and make compromise owing to non availability of space in their house and also meeting others requirements.
In this case, the dealers and middlemen remain benefitted as they purchase paddy with low price and later on sell when the prices are enhanced.
Ultimately the producer of crops (farmer) remain in loss while dealers make a fast buck, which is a grave injustice with the farmer community.
The farmers have very high expectation from present dispensation of PDP-BJP government led by Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti.
We implore to the state government to fix reasonable rates of paddy ahead of procurement so that farmer do not remain in loss.

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